North Beach Residences

North Beach was the first building constructed at Seapointe Village. Built in 1987, it established what was to come at Seapointe. This seven-story oceanfront mid-rise…

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The Pinnacle Residences

The Pinnacle Residences, built in 1992, was the last of the three oceanfront mid-rise buildings constructed at Seapointe Village and is situated between the other two…

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South Beach Residences

South Beach Residences were built in 1988 as the mirror image of North Beach. This seven-story oceanfront building is the southernmost of the three mid-rise buildings that…

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Ibis Residences

Constructed in 2007, the Ibis Residences are the newest addition to Seapointe Village and are located adjacent to the main entrance of the village. The Ibis Residences are…

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Garden Residences

The Garden stands out as the most architecturally beautiful building in Seapointe Village with its 3-story open lobby, grand staircase, and cupola featuring stunning views…

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Centre Court Residences

Centre Court is a four-story L-shaped building located on the western side of Seapointe Village just a short distance from the beach. The building is home to Seapointe's…

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The Townhomes -- comprised of eight separate three-story townhouse buildings built between 1989 and 1998 -- are located along the southern and western perimeter of…

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Single Family Homes

Seapointe Village's Single Family Homes were built between 1991 and 2002, and are located along tree-lined Dune Drive - the avenue connecting Seapointe Village with…

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The Penthouse at the Pan American Hotel

The Penthouse Suite at the Pan American Hotel encompasses the entire top floor of the hotel (2500 sq. ft.) and offers breathtaking views of both the ocean and bay. This…

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Diamond View

Diamond View is located just outside of Seapointe Village on Rochester Avenue (btwn Atlantic and Seaview Aves) - just steps from the beach! Diamond View's condominiums…

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Ocean Sands

Ocean Sands is located right on the beach between Newark & Washington Avenues in the Diamond Beach area of Wildwood Crest. It is home to a three-story oceanfront townhouse…

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Rental Information

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The Seapointe Village Realty office is located in the Ibis Residences building next to the Seapointe Village Guard House.

Check-in time is 4:00 PM. At check-in, you will be provided with your parking pass, gate card, recreation tags, and keys.

Early arrivals (after 1:00 PM) are permitted to enjoy the village amenities. 


  • Check-out is promptly at 11am so that we can prepare the residence for our next guest.  Pool, parking and other amenities are not available after 11am on your check-out day.  There are no exceptions. 
  • Please remember to wash, dry and fold all bath and kitchen towels.  Return towels to the area in which you found them.  Unlaundered items will be charged at check out. 
  • Clean and put away all kitchen items.  Empty the dishwasher and the sink. 
  • Dispose of all trash properly.  The trash chute is located by the elevator in each building.  In the Townhomes, garbage collection is located between each set of buildings. 
  • Please return your keys, parking pass, pool tags and gate card to our office. After hours, use the drop box on our office entry porch. Please note, if any of these items are lost, missing or late, a charge will occur at check-out and payable by credit card or cash. 

Important Rental Information

Weekly rentals (7 night min.) begin on either a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during Value and Prime Seasons.

Three-Night Minimum rentals are available only in pre- and post-season.

Please note all residences are individually owned and each differs in style and décor.

Our rating system is based upon décor, upkeep, and renovations.

Our rating range is from 1-4. (1 is the best - 2 is above average - 3 is average - 4 below average.)

In order to search for availability, please keep these criteria in mind.

Bed Linens are NOT provided with your rental residence.


Safeguard your trip with CSA Travel Protection

How many of us could afford to lose the non-refundable part of our trip if something unexpected happened? Your vacation investment is protected when you buy CSA Vacation Rental Insurance, which covers you for trip cancellation, delay, and interruption. Seapointe Realty has partnered with CSA Travel Protection to provide you with this important insurance and we highly recommend that you purchase the protection to safeguard against the unexpected.

We all want the trip we've planned to be the vacation of our dreams. No one wants that dream to turn into a nightmare, but unexpected events can happen! Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them -- illness, medical emergencies, delayed flights, lost baggage and other events forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your vacation investment and incur unplanned expenses. 

Please speak with your reservation agent for details on obtaining Insurance for your vacation. 


CSA Travel Protection


Don't pack it! Rent it! A To Zebra rents all the things you couldn't fit in your car for vacation! Beach, Infant, Electronic, Sporting Goods, Linens, and much more! We offer a wide variety of items for all your vacation needs.

Have a Baby? We have portable cribs, strollers, swings, car seats, wagons, and much more.

Vacation rental or campsite lacking some necessities? We have linens, beach towels, electronics, game systems, household appliances, and more.

And don't forget all of our beach gear - chairs, umbrellas, beach games, beach wagons & more.

We will conveniently deliver and pick up all goods directly to you!

Call A to Zebra Rentals at 609-889-6662 to reserve your rental items! 


Please note that all reservations are subject to a non-refundable administrative fee of $135.


The VRDI policy is a accidental rental insurance policy that is the cost of $50 paid with your initial deposit. A minimum security deposit of $500 should you choose to not opt into VRDI, which is returned within 30 days of check-out. The security deposit may be higher at the owners' or Seapointe Village Realty's discretion. Deductions may be made as per the security deposit policies in the Occupancy Agreement.

Rate Calculation

Weekly rates are calculated at the nightly rate, times 7 nights.

Rates will vary depending upon seasonal changes and holidays.

Owners may offer rates that are lower or higher than those posted on the rate chart.

Occupancy maximums may be lower than those posted on the rate chart.

Deposit Requirements

Payment is required at the time of booking. American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover and eCheck are acceptable forms of payment. Not all homeowners accept credit cards as a form of payment.  Property details for each listing. Please call our reservation department (609-729-7100) for deposit requirements and cancellation policies. Please note that all reservations are subject to a non-refundable administrative fee of $135. 

Cancellation and Move Policy

If forty-five (45) days or more advance notice is given of cancellation, advanced monies will be refunded less $300.00 cancellation fee and the nonrefundable administrative fee and VRDI Insurance premium fee. If less than forty-five (45) days notice given of cancellation, advanced monies will be forfeited unless Seapointe Village Realty, LLC secures a replacement reservation for that residence and week, in which case monies are refunded less $300.00 cancellation fee and the non-refundable fee. All cancellations with deposit monies must be made in writing. Payments not received by due date will result in cancellation, and cancellation fees may apply. All moves requested by the occupant with advanced payments will be charged $125.00. No changes in accommodations can be made within 45 days of arrival.